Aerial Survey

Phoenix Air Unmanned is an industry leader in flying best-in-class equipment for aerial LiDAR survey and aerial photogrammetry. We pair superior aircraft and elite payload manufacturers to deliver the most detailed and accurate imaging currently available via unmanned aircraft.

Large commercial platforms used for unmanned aerial survey allow multiple sensors to be flown simultaneously — collecting more data while minimizing time on site. While very time efficient, aerial surveying also has the capability to access areas otherwise inaccessible to terrestrial-based surveying, maximizing productivity and minimizing cost for our customers. When comparing manned to unmanned aerial survey, the additional cost savings of unmanned surveying is supplemented by the low altitude flight capabilities, increasing accuracy and detail in the data, as well as increased safety of all personnel involved.


When it comes to needing high precision aerial scans, Phoenix Air Unmanned is among the leaders in the industry. LiDAR technology allows for several applications, including vegetation and encroachment management, elevation modeling, watershed modeling, volumetric assessments and construction planning. Collecting 250,000 data points per second, Riegl’s VUX-1 LiDAR offers centimeter grade accuracy while mapping thru dense vegetation. Paired with the Pulse Aerospace Vapor 55, the VUX-1 is capable of mapping 650 acres in one hour of flying.

Click Here for a Sample Dataset.


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