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Drone LiDAR in military camp for public sector

LiDAR services are the perfect solution for public sector clients who need accurate geospatial data. It can be used for mapping and surveying projects, to monitor infrastructure, or to track asset locations. Government entities can use the data collected to generate high-resolution 3D models for planning and development applications. Aerial drones equipped with LiDAR can be used to monitor and mange natural resources, such as forests, wetlands, and waterways. It can also be used to detect changes in the environment over time, as well as to assess natural disasters and their impacts. LiDAR can be used to generate elevation data and digital terrain models to help with engineering and construction projects. By leveraging LiDAR services, public sector entities can make more informed decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations.

  • Orthomosaic Maps

  • Contour Maps

  • Mesh Models 

  • Registered and Classified Point Cloud

  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

Drone LiDAR in the Public Sector

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