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Phoenix Air Unmanned Cartersville aerial inspections with Vapor drone

Aerial Inspections at Scale

In three years, Phoenix Air Unmanned (PAU) has inspected over 13,000 miles of utility transmission line with unmanned aircraft. Our customers are provided quality, meaningful data that scales against traditional manned flight and foot patrol methods. We consistently hear the sentiment, "waiting on the FAA" to facilitate driving the cost down of drone inspections. PAU doesn't wait -- we operate within and define the regulatory framework.

Phoenix Air Unmanned Cartersville, Georgia detailed image of utility infrastrucutre from drone

Attention to Detail

Phoenix Air Unmanned (PAU) provides quality imagery without the need to compromise safety. Our high-resolution payloads deliver comprehensive, detailed data in fewer photos. PAU asset aerial inspections take place at greater stand-off distances from structures, yet provide more detail than inspections flown with traditional off-the-shelf drones operating at closer distances.

Phoenix Air Unmanned Cartersville, Georgia Alta X drone with Phase One Camera for aeriel photogrammetry

Quality and Quantity 

PAU aircraft have captured over 2.65 million 100-megapixel photographs over utility right-of-ways -- providing end users with actionable intelligence regarding their infrastructure systems. PAU delivers data to strategic partners for inspection and analytics. Partners include subject matter experts for a particular field of inspections and vendors utilizing machine learning for photo analysis. PAU is a group of aviators first. We are dedicated to safe, quality data collection by aerial inspections, and partner with key vendors to generate end results.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight

In 2019, PAU began operating under a Federal Aviation Administration waiver enabling beyond visual line of sight flight operations over 18,000 miles of the transmission line. The waiver granted "true BVLOS" - no daisy-chain visual observers are required. The safety case presented to the FAA consists of airspace surveillance, strategic and tactical mitigations, and adherence to operations manuals that exceed manned aviation operating requirements.

Phoenix Air Unmanned Part 107 pilots bserving drone for aerial inspection

Complex Operations

The PAU aerial inspection concept of operations is proven and capable of providing meaningful results now. Flight crews have accumulated hundreds of hours of experience over thousands of miles of inspections. We pair industry-leading equipment with regulatory approvals to provide a superior product to customers.