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Aerial Drone LiDAR Acquisition Services

LiDAR and Inspection Data Acquisition Services

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We deliver tight, highly accurate LiDAR data and crisp high resolution imagery for survey and mapping, utility inspections, engineering design, and change detection.

Commercial Drone Services

We fly payload agnostic unmanned aircraft (UAVs) for multi-purpose LiDAR and imagery sensor integrations. We have the flexibility to tailor customer deliverables to the desired specification. 

As leaders in unmanned aircraft regulatory efforts, we pair best in class sensor technology with complex regulatory approvals to create a cost-effective quality dataset. 

Alta X for LiDAR imagery - Phoenix Air Unmanned

LIDAR Mapping Services

We consistently hear from customers the aerial drone LIDAR services we provide create a cost saving alternative to traditional survey and mapping techniques. Our LiDAR datasets are accurate & dense. We are trusted by local construction and survey teams, regional engineering firms, nationwide utilities, telecommunications companies and government agencies.

LiDAR dataset - Pheonix Air Unmanned
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High Resolution Imagery Inspection Data

We balance quality inspection data with efficiency. This creates a balance of insights without overwhelming the end-user with too much data. Our backgrounds include skilled motion picture and television camera operators who transfer their expertise in image creation to every visual asset we capture. Our aerial inspection imagery is just better.

Powerline Drone Inspection Imagery Service Phoenix Air Unmanned
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Collect LIDAR Data & Inspection Imagery In One Flight

We have the unique capability of flying heavier drones with Federal Aviation Administration approvals under Part 91. Our aviation expertise paired with the SwissDrones SDO 50 V2 gives us limitless payload capabilities with the ability to fly for hours - providing maximum coverage in a single flight. 


  • Survey-grade accuracy

  • 200 Scans/second

  • Up to seven (7) returns per pulse

  • 1.2M Measurements/second

  • Regular point pattern

  • Hundreds of Acres Scanned per Day

  • Ability to deliver greater than 500ppm

  • Data turnaround within 48 hours

  • Can be paired with RGB cameras for colorization or additional orthomosaic

  • Resolution: 100 megapixels (11,608 x 8708 pixels)

  • Pixel size: 4.6 μm

  • Dynamic Range: 83 dB

  • Color: RGB (Bayer pattern)

  • One image provides a detailed story

  • Multi-camera configurations provide additional angles in one flight

  • Ideal image quality for Virtual or AI inspection firms

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