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IS-BAO International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations
Drone LiDAR for survey and engineering

Phoenix Air Unmanned (PAU) provides clients with high-accuracy drone LiDAR data and low turnaround times. Our drone mapping survey acquisition method allows for data acquisition of large areas of interest and improves upon traditional inspection techniques. PAU pairs drone LiDAR with high-resolution RGB cameras to colorize point clouds -- further detailing the area of interest. In addition, orthomosaics can be generated from the imagery collected, providing end users with a higher level of mapping visualization for their particular project.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)

Drone LiDAR data mapping

Drone LiDAR Services

Phoenix Air Unmanned (PAU) drone LiDAR assets are based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. PAU collects LiDAR mapping data nationwide, even taking on international projects. We provide drone LiDAR services for aerial survey and engineering firms. PAU mobilizes and acquires for much less than the cost of traditional manned aviation helicopter and fixed-wing assets. Past projects range from tens of thousands of acres of coverage for drone mapping -- all conducted within the current regulatory framework by proficient, highly skilled flight crews and sensor operators.

Meeting Drone Survey Requirements

The Ranger VUX-1 allows for survey-grade accuracy and multiple returns per pulse to generate a highly accurate and dense points cloud. Our typical drone LiDAR mapping project yields more than 250 points per meter squared delivering industry leading resolution when mapping project detail is paramount. Combined with the 100 megapixel resolution of the PhaseOne IXM 100 camera, highly accurate point clouds and orthomosaics are created with ground sample distances of less than 1 cm per pixel. We have refined our post-processing regimen to utilize cloud computing algorithms to provide quick turnaround of drone LiDAR mapping data.

Drone Photogrammetry and Ortho-imagery figure

Photogrammetry and Ortho-Imagery 

Phoenix Air Unmanned (PAU) provides high-quality photogrammetry utilizing multiple aircraft systems that are tailored to specific mission requirements. With the ability to produce high-resolution orthographic maps, PAU can support aerial survey and inspection efforts with geo-accurate data. We conduct our drone mapping flights using the industry-leading 100MP PhaseOne camera while providing centimeter-level accuracy capturing the smallest details. Our photogrammetry solutions include 3D maps, geo-referenced RGB imagery, orthographic maps, thermal imagery, and other multispectral deliverables.

Phoenix Air Unmanned is an aerial data acquisition company.  We are a group of aviators focused on safe, efficient flight operations which capture data of the highest possible quality. We partner with subject matter experts in the fields of surveying, engineering, inspections and more. 

Drone LiDAR dataset acquired at Phoenix Air Unmanned, LLC headquarters in Cartersville, Georgia. The Riegl VUX-1 was flown on the Freefly Systems Alta X multirotor UAV. The sample drone mapping data can be downloaded as a .LAS file or viewed through the LiDAR Viewer link.

Sample LiDAR Dataset

  • 10mm Survey-grade accuracy

  • 200 Scans/second

  • Up to seven (7) returns per pulse

  • 1.2M Measurements/second

  • 7.7lbs - Ideal for UAV mounting

  • Regular point pattern

  • Parallel scan lines

  • 360 degree filed of view

  • IMU and Dual GPS

  • Operating altitude up to 2,640 feet

LiDAR System Specifications 

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