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LiDAR Surveying Company - Phoenix Air Unmanned

Drone LiDAR Survey & Mapping Services

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We are a drone mapping company, capturing drone aerial LiDAR data to create detailed 3D models, assist in planning and design, or maintain regulatory compliance. Our mission is to provide precision, efficiency, and value that transforms your projects and allows you to take on more.

Industries that use our LiDAR Services:

  • Electric Utilities

  • Oil & Gas

  • Construction & Engineering

  • Forestry & Land Management

  • Enviornmental Monitoring

  • Architecture & Heritage Preservation

  • Geology & Quarry Mapping

  • Search & Rescue

Drone LiDAR Service Riegl Phoenix Air Unmanned

Phoenix Air Unmanned operates the RIEGL VUX-1 for LiDAR mapping flights. The laser scanner achieves 10mm survey-grade accuracy.

LiDAR Data from Drones

LiDAR Mapping Services for Survey and Engineering 

We provide detailed and accurate aerial LiDAR data for survey, construction, and engineering firms, optimizing site planning, and minimizing guesswork. Our approach involves deploying LiDAR equipped UAS allowing us to capture high resolution 3D data. From precise terrain modeling to streamlined volume calculations - we aim to empower surveyors, engineers, and construction teams by eliminating uncertainties and cutting down project timelines and costs.

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Flying LiDAR sensors, we capture highly detailed 3D models aiding in informed decision-making. Our drone LiDAR survey solutions are a cost-effective project accelerator covering hundreds of acres per day, providing real-time data and insights.

Drone LiDAR Powerline survey

LiDAR for Electric Utilities

Our LiDAR drone capture services generate reliability and efficiency for utility infrastructure. LiDAR equipped drones ensure precise planning, proactive fault detection, vegetation management, wildfire mitigation, and cost-saving operational optimization. We cover vast distances quickly when flying beyond visual line of sight - offering scaled acquisition services that reduce cost compared to traditional LiDAR capture methods.

LiDAR for Oil & Gas 

We excel in drone linear infrastructure LiDAR data capture, ensuring the integrity of pipelines, linear right-of-ways, and operating facilities. By flying under our nationwide BVLOS Exemption, we provide rapid and precise assessments of expansive oil and gas fields, allowing for the early detection of issues and facilitating regulatory compliance. Our drone LiDAR data capture services allow oil and gas companies to minimize risk, identify issues and eliminate downtime.

Oil and Gas right of way lidar data
SwissDrones SDO 50 at Sunset

Contact Us

Ready to experience the power of LiDAR for your projects? We offer professional commercial drone services for LiDAR data acquisition. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs or request a quote.

SwissDrones Offshore Delivery Flight

Elevate Your Aerial Capabilities with Multi-Payload Data Capture Solutions

We have the unique capability of flying heavier drones with Federal Aviation Administration authorizations under Part 91. Utilizing our SwissDrones SDO 50 V2, LiDAR acquisition reaches new heights. With the capability to fly multiple payloads, we can combine LiDAR with other sensors like RGB cameras or multispectral sensors enabling simultaneous data acquisition - which provides a complete data set captured in a single flight.

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  • Survey-grade accuracy

  • 200 Scans/second

  • Up to seven (7) returns per pulse

  • 1.2M Measurements/second

  • Regular point pattern

  • Hundreds of Acres Scanned per Day

  • Ability to deliver greater than 500ppm

  • Data turnaround within 48 hours

  • Can be paired with RGB cameras for colorization

  • Resolution: 100 megapixels (11,608 x 8708 pixels)

  • Pixel size: 4.6 μm

  • Dynamic Range: 83 dB

  • Color: RGB (Bayer pattern)

  • One image provides a detailed story

  • Multi-camera configurations provide additional angles in one flight

  • Ideal image quality for AI inspection firms

LiDAR for Architecture

We utilize LiDAR for architecture as an asset, aiding in the restoration, conservation, and structural assessment of historical landmarks.

Through tailored capture techniques, we delve into the intricacies of architectural treasures, capturing comprehensive data that include complex façade details to volumetric assessments. We aim to assist architects and preservationists by delivering invaluable insights at an efficient timeline as we are dedicated to preserving the structural integrity of historical landmarks for generations to come. 


LiDAR for Geological and Quarry Mapping

We provide geological survey and mining industries with aerial LiDAR data - giving insights that enhance quarry planning, provide stockpile volumetrics, analyze rock formations, detect fault lines, and identify mineral deposits. We employ a customer-centric approach to provide tailored operations for your needs by working closely with you. We develop custom payloads and deploy UAS capable of rapidly capturing 3D data with precise levels of accuracy. Our goal is to facilitate a sustainable approach to geological surveys and contribute to responsible resource management, optimizing extraction processes and minimizing environmental impact.

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How much does a survey with a LiDAR drone cost?

We package best-in-class aircraft and sensors, aviation experts, and the highest operational standards into an affordable solution for our customers. Whether we are mapping a multi-acre survey or operating beyond line of sight over linear infrastructure, we compete on price against all traditional data capture methods.

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LiDAR for Forestry Management 

We promote responsible forestry management practices by providing LiDAR insights into forested landscapes, permitting detailed vegetation analysis, monitoring biodiversity and wildlife habitats to assessing the health of individual trees, wildfire management. We provide comprehensive data for sustainable decision-making. We deploy UAS with LiDAR payloads to capture highly detailed data by penetrating through dense canopies allowing for us to unveil intricate details of the vegetation and terrain. We aim to provide insight as a proactive approach to forestry management whether it be locating sink holes, landslides, or vegetation health assessments we aim to contribute to the preservation of our forests.  


LiDAR for Enviornmental Conservation

We focus on LiDAR aerial solutions that provide insights for environmental conservation, by delivering highly detailed 3D data for precise environmental assessments. We facilitate rapid and large-scale data collection by planning a comprehensive LiDAR mission that will ensure the complete coverage of the area. Which will acquire a rich data set that accurately maps the habitats, allows for biodiversity monitoring, changes in terrain, and resource management. We aim to empower environmental professionals with the tools needed to make informed decisions for conservation and sustainability of the environment.

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We take pride in offering drone LiDAR mapping solutions that are precisely tailored to meet your needs. We will work closely with you to design a LiDAR solution addressing your objectives. With our commitment to customization, we ensure that data collection is optimized for your particular project.

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