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Phoenix Air Unmanned
In the Field - Drone Services

Phoenix Air Unmanned fields professional flight crews for aerial LiDAR mapping services. We fly hundreds of acres a day, creating LiDAR cost savings and allowing your organization to take on more. 

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Your Project

Our drone LiDAR services fill a void between traditional survey methods and manned aircraft LiDAR surveys. We enable survey firms to take on hundreds or thousand of acres of survey per project. Whether you already own your own drone or field internal teams, we are a compliment to any survey or engineering firm. Our dedicated crews remain proficient in aerial operations and we scale to capture large acreages in a single day. 


We partner with your survey firm to meet customer requirements. We are able to provide control or intake customer ground control points to ensure absolute accuracy of the LiDAR data we capture. 

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The Flight Operation


Flight Planning

Airspace Review, Customer Requirements, Mission Plan Creation, Facility Coordination

Flight Crew

  • Part 61 and 107 Certificated Pilot

  • Sensor Operator

Data Capture

  • 100 to 500 points per meter squared

  • Optional RGB or Orthomosaic


  • 100 Acres Per Flight

  • 500 Acres Per Day


Quality Control

We check for absolute accuracy against control, confirm complete coverage of the area of interest, and verify point densities meet customer requirements. 


We deliver customer LiDAR data fast. Standard delivery of a calibrated point cloud is less than 48 hours from time of capture. LiDAR is processed in-house by our data management teams. 

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How much does a drone LiDAR survey cost?

Phoenix Air Unmanned conducts LiDAR mapping services on projects of various sizes. A flight crew can be complete and deliver a 25 acre LiDAR survey for $4,500. Daily survey rates range from $4,000 to $8,500 depending on acreage and deliverable requirements. 

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