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Aerial Data Acquisition & Inspection Services

Commercial Drone Services

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Aerial Data Acquisition Drone Services

Phoenix Air Unmanned, LLC (PAU) is a data acquisition service provider flying unmanned aircraft to capture tailored data solutions. We are committed to the highest standards of unmanned aircraft operations and aerial data collection. We lead the way in LiDAR and imaging capabilities, operator performance, and commercial regulatory approvals to create the most innovative data capture and inspection deliverables. Phoenix Air Unmanned serves Surveyors and Engineering Firms, Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas Companies, and Federal Departments and Agencies.

Drone Powerline Inspections Phoenix Air Unmanned

Drone Inspection Services

A mission to capture the highest quality aerial LiDAR survey and inspection data. 


  • Founded by Aviation Professionals

  • Image & Sensor Subject Matter Experts

  • FAA Part 61 Certificated Operators

  • Maintenance and Quality Assurance Programs

  • Leaders in Unmanned Aircraft Regulatory Approvals

  • A Premiere Drone Mapping Company

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Drone LiDAR Services

We provide clients with high-accuracy drone LiDAR survey data and fast delivery turnaround times. Our drone LiDAR mapping and surveying acquisition methods allow for data capture of large areas of interest - offering our customers the ability to take on larger projects.

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Aerial Drone Inspection Services

Phoenix Air Unmanned has inspected over 15,000 miles of utility transmission line with unmanned aircraft. We are a premier drone inspection company providing customers quality, meaningful data that scales against traditional manned flight and foot patrol methods. Our beyond visual line of sight inspection concept of operations is proven and provides immediate  actionable intelligence.

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Drone Flights Beyond Visual Line of Sight

We consistently hear the sentiment, "waiting on the FAA" to facilitate scalability and drive down the cost of drone inspections. PAU doesn't wait -- we operate with regulators and define the future regulatory framework to include going farther and flying heavier drones.

Freefly Systems Alta X Phoenix Air Unmanned

A commitment to aviation safety.


We are the first company worldwide to be registered under IS-BAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) standards. These standards and recommended practices are recognized in the manned aviation industry as the code of best practices for a high level of safety and professionalism. 

Drone Powerline Inspections Phoenix Air Unmanned
Connecting Dots

Phoenix Air Unmanned
In Numbers


Miles Inspected


Missions Flown


Images Captured


IS-BAO Registration

Industry Experience

We provide inspection and data solutions for utilities, civil engineering, survey and land development. We service the public sector and private projects. We are a team of aviators and data professionals who understand how to produce a quality product through aerial drone data capture. 





First-in-the-Nation Authorization to fly 192-pound SwissDrones Beyond Visual Line of Sight

August 29th, 2023

The SwissDrones 191-pound maximum weight enables a sensor capacity of 30 pounds and flight endurance of over two hours - enabling multipurpose inspection capabilities.

Phoenix Air Unmanned is a sister-company to the internationally-recognized Part 135 air carrier, Phoenix Air Group, Inc. Phoenix Air provides a wide range of aviation services from international air ambulance to high priority air cargo to government and military contracting services.

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