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IS-BAO International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations

Phoenix Air Unmanned provides Florida professional drone services for complex projects in aerial imaging for transportation, survey, mapping, engineering, linear infrastructure, film and more. Leaders in the regulatory space, Phoenix Air Unmanned is ready to help you obtain the aerial imaging you require. We operate a fleet of complex drones, professional commercial grade sensors and have a proven history of leading the industry in data acquisition and navigating regulatory compliance. Aviation professionals with an unparalleled background in providing clients with high-accuracy drone LiDAR survey data and quick turnaround times, Phoenix Air Unmanned pairs drone LiDAR with high-resolution RGB cameras to colorize point clouds, further detailing the area of interest. In addition, orthomosaics can be generated from the imagery collected, providing end users with a higher level of mapping visualization and digital twin for their particular project. Let us help your company navigate the regulatory requirements and provide you with the complete data set required for your project.

Florida Drone Services

Providing professional LiDAR drone services for transportation projects, surveying, mapping, linear infrastructure and more. Actionable data acquisition by professional UAS operators.

Florida Drone Services
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